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Hey! Ready to build something Knifty?

Getting started & how to get the most out of Knifty

Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to get started & how to get the most out of our platform.

Welcome to the first step. Hopefully by now you will have already created your website in the playground environment. So if you have already created feel free to jump through to platform guides or design guides.

Here is a quick look at how easy it is to create & build your site.

From the top!

📌 Disclaimer: (hold onto your hat, you’ll have a fresh site before you know it).

Step one. Come to us. Diligently tell us who you are (we want to know just a little bit about you before we build the perfect website).

Thankfully, our signup process couldn’t be more simple. The quickest way to sign up is via the sign up with google button.

If you don’t have a google account or don’t wish to use this method. To get started you just need to have a name & an email address.

So, what do you go by? Use the initial 2 boxes to fill in your name, and proceed in giving us your email address in the 3rd box. Then click the big purple button to sign up.

Upon completion of these 3 fields, we’ll send you a one time passcode (OTP).

This will be a 6 figure number delivered by email to your inbox so please ensure you use an email address that you actually have access too, and if you do not get this within 5 minutes (note - it should be instantaneous), check your spam or junk folder.

🥺 Struggling with something? Reach out to the support channel via this form? We’re happy to guide you through the process from start to finish.

Check check! OTP received? The email looks like this, but the code is of course randomized and unique for your personalised login.

Great, simply add these numbers into the fields on the follow up page that looks like this and click confirm.

Boom! Next step. This is where the real action happens. The engine rooms.

Tell us what your role is? Are you the founder, managing the companies website or a third party agency? Why are we asking this? We tailor & optimize the platform experience slightly based on who you are.

By this stage, we’ll expect you to know some things already. But it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out.

We need you to tell us the company name and you have the option of telling us the Tax ID, business email and business number.

Every website contains the map module, but you can turn it off and keep your address private if you want. At this stage, we do need an address - you can give us the address of where you are currently working from, if there is no official address. Note: The map does look pretty cool on your website, and helps your customers find you.

Next, we can quickly connect to your google workspace. Please toggle on if you want your team to be associated with this account once they sign up - no password required.

Pit-stop. Did you forget your password already?

Wait, you didn’t create a password! Are wondering how you might login later? We operate a password-less platform, so as long as you can access your email address you will be able to log-in wherever you are, on whichever device you choose. You can configure these settings as much or as little as you want to.

Feeling inspired? Ready to create?

Channel your inner wordsmith and tell us what your business does, and what makes it great in a few sentences. In our case specificity works great.

Here is an example; Enter: Rudiger Gruber(a made up name).

He’s an Austrian guy with a passion for coffee & fine food. Rudiger is going to open a coffee shop & bistro in the centre of Schladming ****(a real place in Austria).

Lazy Rudiger might put “We make food and sell coffees" into the ai wordsmith, and in doing this the outcome will be underwhelming. Nobody wants a mediocre site.

We encourage specificity! Be bold, this is your time to shine! Don’t hold back and tell us what makes you great! Sell yourself - this is an elevator pitch.

A confident & energetic Rudiger will see a much greater outcome from being more specific about what makes his business great.

For example, a great input would be: “We sell the finest Vienna style pastries including Mehlspeisen, Apfelstrudel, Kaiserschmarren, and Knodels. All of our coffee is single-source and fair trade, and we specialize in dark roasts. Our sweets are just sweet enough, in a delightfully European way.".

Rudiger spent only a couple minutes composing this. It doesn’t need to perfect & you don’t need to over think it.

Take a look at these questions, and they might help you write something short, yet specific.

  1. What kind of business do you have?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Do you specialize in something particular or multiple things? Tell us exactly what.
  4. What makes you different vs the alternative out there?
  5. Are you offering products or services?
  6. How should customers interact with you?
  7. What should your customers expect?
  8. Why would customers buy from you or use your services?
  9. Which key details does your site need to have?

Check out this blog where we take a deeper dive into great inputs with some examples of good and bad.

From here. Sit back and relax for a couple of minutes.

This is where we generate your site complete with content copy and imagery.

We don’t stop there. From here we tackle the following. Our analysis, ideation and build process is as follows:

  1. Deep-tech summary analysis.
  2. Titles, sub titles, and description(s) generation.
  3. We determine up to 5 meta SEO tags.
  4. We describe up to 3 business propositions.
  5. Compose a short summary and welcome article as a blog post.
  6. Compose up to 6 products or services offered
  7. Generate a short business summary
  8. We can generate positive testimonial placeholders (replace these with real ones).
  9. Auto-populate FAQs using our existing knowledge bank in your specific topic area.
  10. Search and pull in high-resolution stock imagery.

As the last step, and third click through page. Help us build the perfect site for your brand by giving us some guidelines on how you want the site to look and feel.

Upon reaching this point you will have told us about your amazing business. Now, tell us a little about your brand.

In this last step, we are asking you to describe how the site should look based on the following options:

  • Fresh
  • Fresh Modern
  • Modern
  • Modern Luxurious
  • Luxurious

You should know that every site we create is unique. This selection helps us define the initial layout, theme, fonts, and module settings.

Not sure what to pick? Not sure what to think? Don’t think, just do! Everything can be changed later to your exact specification. This just gets you started.

Way to go! You reached the end of the onboarding flow & completed your first Knifty site launch.

🎉 Congratulations! At this stage you’ll have seen our virtual confetti blaster in use. Thats right, you’ve just seen 100 bits of environmentally friendly confetti scattered over your screen. One piece for every day this preview is live for! Hoorah!

👏🏼 From here. You can launch the site management suite, or see your preview, playground site in operation.

❓ See FAQs on Preview & Playground mode.

🔑 Next up! Learn How to use the the website editor & business management suite.