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Publish a business website with ai in 3 steps.

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Getting _Started_

Getting Started

Tell us who you are, and what makes your business great by typing a brief summary or elevator pitch to our A.I. wordsmith tool. Knifty uses artificial intelligence to analyze your story and what you do. Here is where you shine! Explain everything you want your customers to know about you.

_AI Generated_ Content

AI Generated Content

We then generate the best titles(s), descriptions, and SEO meta tags for ranking high on search engines. We then begin composing the content for your site matching your brand & tone, this is complete with propositions, services and a short stories alongside other copy sections. Lastly, we pull in contextually relevant imagery to complete the site. You can always add your own media & content later!

Publish on a Custom Domain

Publish on a Custom Domain

When you are happy with the module layout, all the content and imagery. You can publish the site onto a free knifty domain, connect an existing domain or purchase a domain in the dashboard. Once published you can begin to attract traffic, opportunitied or new business! Come back to management dashboard anytime to publish new content anytime.

Knifty Features

empowering you to build your site efficiently

Knifty is a next-generation site management platform, that empowers businesses with the ability to quickly launch online with a stunning site consistent with your brand image. Business owners don't need to waste early-stage resources or their time on a custom website! Not when you can build and launch a beautiful website, complete with relevant content copy and imagery, in minutes! Knifty helps business owners publish a website quickly and effectively. Best of all, it's super simple & easy to use.

One price covers hosting, maintenance and management, SEO optimizations, and unrestricted asset storage. All sites are designed by professionals to empower companies with a consistent look and feel.

The Knifty admin platform lays out an optimal structure of themes in an intuitive way so that you only need to input or update content. No need to stress out about moving blocks and complicated builders systems.

While Knifty is not a free website builder, you can be assured that the output is to a much higher standard than that of Wix, Godaddy, or Wordpress. Knifty is the premium business website builder.

The easiest website builder on the internet!

Knifty empowers business owners by being;


Knifty is the fastest website creator on the internet. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself - for free!


Knifty is incredibly simple. With three clicks and some details on your business, you create an online masterpiece!


Knifty requires zero technical knowledge. The creation process to create a website is painless and as easy as one, two, three!


Every built site is completed to align with your business, but if you want to add your own content, the intuitive editor is easy to use & powerful!


Each created website is incredibly robust & hard to break - unlike drag/drop builders! Knifty keeps your business looking professional!


Every site generated is responsive to all formats out of the box. You don't need to worry about which devices to support.

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Knifty AI Websites Propel Business Owners Forward

What? How? Why?

Web development agencies and freelancers can be too expensive for small businesses. Equally, using drag/drop website builders can be daunting & difficult for non-technical entrepreneurs. To build an online presence in 2024, you have to acquire digital expertise and this takes time which many owners do not have.

Knifty changes this. 

With just a few guided clicks and AI generated content, you can launch a site in minutes. Reducing the time to market, overall effort & cost of building a website.

Our mission is to build customer centric solutions that empower all business owners. We want democratize entrepreneurship. First, we’ll support the ownership economy by giving everyone access to a unique, professional website with the ability to build an online presence.

If you're a small business, you probably don't want to spend days or weeks building a website. You just want to get your business online somehow, without too much effort.

With Knifty, you can do just that!

Our platform makes it easy to manage content online, even if you don't know anything about coding or website development. The platform helps you get found on search engines, and our team of web experts is always there to help you grow your business.

So whether you're a small business owner looking for a beautiful website in minutes, not hours; or an individual who wants to build their personal brand online; or someone who just has a great idea for an online store but doesn't have time or resources to build it themselves…

Knifty is built for ranking high on search engines. As a non-technical business owner, knifty is the easiest and fastest way to manage content online and grow online. The site you want, and need, without the development time or crazy costs.

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