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How an instant AI Site Builder Can Save You Time And Money

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From multinational corporations to Mom and Pop shops, every business should have a website. Spending thousands on website developers is not viable for most small businesses. Time and money are of the essence, so a smart way to build your website is by utilizing an AI site builder or instant site creation platform.

Website creation can be done in a matter of minutes with artificial intelligence. The genius of AI technology is that you don’t need to know anything about coding or website development.

Creating websites can be done in just a few clicks with an AI instant site maker. Artificial intelligence will create your website pages including the contact page, landing pages, e-commerce features, and any other relevant pages.

Websites created by an AI website builder will be optimized for SEO, speed, and mobile friendliness, and each web page will have the most suitable headers and footers.

What Is An AI Website builder?

An AI website builder is a tool that can create a website in a short period using artificial intelligence. Primarily targeted at beginners, those who don't have time to create their website or business owners who want to keep costs down.

AI website builders can create amazing websites very quickly. All you have to do is answer a few questions for the AI builder to build an entire website. Instant site creation allows you to concentrate on other parts of your business.

Why You Should Utilize an AI Website Builder

Utilizing an AI website generator for your business offers you a plethora of benefits. Business owners, agencies, and large corporations are using AI website builders for some of the reasons outlined below;


Other website builders can be time-consuming compared to an AI website builder. You can have a fully functioning website in minutes with minimum input. The editing process is very straightforward with an AI website builder. If there is something you don't like, you can simply make adjustments to the AI website in seconds.

Ease of Use

Website creation is made a whole lot easier with an intelligent website builder. The entire setup process of building a website can be done without any programming knowledge whatsoever. Simply answer a few questions and input the business details you would like on the site, and you are good to go.


Website builders utilize AI tools to create SEO-friendly web pages. Knifty is a premium but affordable website builder that uses artificial intelligence to create awesome websites with full search engine optimization. Unlike WordPress websites, Knifty doesn't require loads of plugins and optimization for your website to rank.

Save Money

Web development by an instant site creator platform using AI tools will be much cheaper than hiring a web developer. The same website built for thousands of dollars by a web development agency could be done in minutes by the best AI website builders.


You are in complete control when using an AI website builder. Let the AI do the hard part, and then simply make some simple tweaks to the color or text that you don't like. You also have the option to choose from many different templates the AI website builder has come up with, so you can pick one that suits your brand or product.

AI Website Builders At Work

AI website builders work by utilizing algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing for website creation. The brilliance of an AI web builder is that it can design impressive and unlimited websites for a fraction of the time and cost of a standard web builder.

Coding or website-building experience is not required for the user. You have full control over the final website design by utilizing the premade templates, drag and drop editor, delete or add pages feature, and other AI tools that come with the best AI website builders.

AI website builders will drastically cut the hours and money spent on website building. Getting your business online by implementing an artificial intelligence design assistant will make the entire process simpler. Utilizing an AI powered website builder will create the best design elements for your website pages. Any basic website with the following features will be created and optimized to a high standard with an AI website builder. These include;


Website development is a time-consuming process that requires technical knowledge and some creativity. The correct colors for your AI website will be done automatically to convey your brand's identity.


AI website builders will create the ideal text size, line height, font, space between paragraphs, and heading sizes to improve readability. Knifty's AI wordsmith creates SEO-optimized content and the perfect typography for your site.


Knifty, being one of the best AI website builders, will automatically create each web page with headers, navigation, logos, etc. to suit your preferences. Industry-leading existing websites will also be scanned by the AI website builder and presented as pre-made templates for you to choose from.

Mobile and tablet-ready layouts will be automatically created - saving you time trying to optimize the layout as you would with other website builders. The drag and drop editor can be used to edit the website elements or add pages until you are pleased with the outcome.

Finishing Touches On Your AI Website

Okay, the AI builder has created an awesome site... Now, what? Adding some final touches to your new site will make it more personal to your brand. Content - Check the content the AI writer has input on your site. Make any tweaks or rewrite anything you would like to change and make it more personal. Even the best AI website builders need a human touch on the finished product.

Contact details - Inputting your contact details on your new AI website is another essential task. Add your phone number, business address, email, and name for your customers to easily find.

Images - Add your pictures to your new AI website. If a customer notices you are using stock images on your site they are likely to trust your brand or products less. Pictures of you or your business will not only create trust, but it's also better for SEO if you are using unique images.

Saving Time And Money With An AI Website Builder - Recap

AI website builders completely cut out the middleman between you and an awesome website. You don't have to spend days, weeks, or months waiting on your site to be finished.

By building an AI website, you can have a professional SEO-friendly website in a matter of minutes. The best AI website builders are continually advancing in their capabilities, so you will be able to continually improve your website.

Instant site creators are the future and web design/ developing agencies will soon need to change their approach or learn to take advantage of the growing demand for quick and cost-effective websites.


How much money can I save using an AI website builder?

Using an AI website builder can save you thousands of dollars. Choosing an AI powered website builder over other website builders will reduce the amount of time required to design your site. The hours needed by a web developer to create the same website an AI builder could make in minutes would be substantial.

Can I revamp an existing website with an AI website builder?

Yes, you can revamp an existing website with an AI builder. A basic website can be upgraded using artificial intelligence to improve the design, optimize for SEO, provide a better user experience, track analytics, and allow you to take advantage of many other AI tools the AI builder offers.

Will my site be fast using an instant site creator?

Instant site creators use artificial intelligence to create the most efficient and well-designed websites possible for your business. AI features include optimizing your website for SEO, one of the main factors of which is site speed. So, AI powered sites are fast. The website also won't have plugins that affect the overall speed of your site.